comunikat : Marketing und Kommunikation

The offer.

Consulting in PR and Marketing. From years of experience in marketing of small and medium-sized enterprises (SME), I know first-hand about the importance of pragmatic solutions.
Developing new organisational structures or new concepts for communication, organisation of workshops or press conferences, tasks in corporate publishing or public relations. I just "roll up the sleeves" and get to work - whenever necessary, together with strong partners from my network. 

Text and concept development. Specialist knowledge and passion for the written word, writing and translating (GER/ENG) for several clients, different media and target groups? Journalistic research or corporate publishing? All possible. I have a long standing experience in technical and scientifical topics (consumer electronics, digital photography, health care), but am not limited to these areas.

Market entry in Germany. Your company wants to expand to Germany or another European country? Take advantage of my experience and my large network in Germany and Europe. Get in touch and get my references. 



The name.

There are a lot of words like "com..panion", "com..munication" or "com..munity" that start with the syllable "com", which is Latin for "with" or "together with". The second part of the name, "unikat", also stems from a Latin word: "unicum" means as much as "unique", "one of a kind". This ponders on the uniqueness of every client, every project. Individual support for every client on his individual way to success, that is my business. I operate in all matters of communication, effective and comprehensible.


The person.

Gabriele Remmers, engineer (electrical engineering, graduated at Hamburg's University of Applied Science) with longterm experience in marketing and communication. I have specialised in technical consumer goods and industrial goods. For more information or references just get in touch here or on LinkedIn.

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